About Keegan Casidy

Mortgage Broker at The Mortgage Group in North Vancouver, BC

Keegan became a mortgage broker following in his mother’s footsteps.
Keegan's mother, Kerry Casidy, has been an industry leader for more than a decade.
Kerry has been a mortgage broker for 19 years, and was previously bank manager at Bank of Montreal, needless to say, Keegan has had a great mentor.

Outside of work Keegan is an active volunteer with the NSSK and an avid Fly Fisherman.
His passion for fishing brought on his eagerness to get involved with the North Shore Stream Keepers, where he has sat on the board for over a year.
This volunteer work helps to restore and enhance salmon spawning and rearing on North Vancouver’s creeks and streams.
As well as hosting many events for educating pre-school and elementary school students on British Columbia’s pacific salmon.